My name is Tal Baumel and I'm a PhD student in the Computer Science department at Ben Gurion University Natural Language Processing Project under the supervision of Professor Michael Elhadad. Focusing on automatic summarization.

Neural Networks Stuff:

Hope to post here some useful tutorials about neural networks and NLP

  • Sequence To Sequence Attention Models In PyCNN
  • Appendix (Work In Progress)
  • Scaling-Up Neural Networks
Please check out my blog: https://talbaumel.github.io/blog or recording from jambot, a RNN-based music generator you can play a long with (made with Eyal Gruss, work in progress)


  • Teaching Assistant - Compiler Construction
  • Teaching Assistant - Discrete Structures and Combinatorics
  • Teaching Assistant - Automata and Formal Languages


  • Multi-Label Classification of Patient Notes a Case Study on ICD Code Assignment.
  • Sentence Embedding Evaluation Using Pyramid Annotation.
    RepEval @ ACL 2016
  • Topic Concentration in Query Focused Summarization Datasets.
    AAAI 2016
    [Paper] [More info]
  • Query-Chain Focused Summarization.
    ACL 2014
    [Paper] [More info] [Video]
  • Overview of the Hebrew Dataset.
    MultiLng @ ACL 2013
talbaumel (at) gmail.com